Towards Death

by Endless Affliction

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Tamas This album was a little disappointing. The production quality is much poorer than their previous releases. Cheesy keyboards, unoriginal guitar leads, and awful whisper screams don't help. Favorite track: Slashed And Decapitated.
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released July 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Endless Affliction Ioannina, Greece

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Track Name: Towards Death
Hundreds of innocent souls have perished,
while seeking to eliminate the shadows below.
Mortal strength proved insufficient,
and as time passed the populace diminished.

The people saught assistance from someone god-like,
where success would provide him with honnor and glory.
This was their last chance at redemption,
from this plague that dismembered every living thing.

They all awaited in agony and dispair,
observing the unwinding of things.
The almighty redeemer appears from the shadows,
powerful shrieks came from the dark waters.

The ground starts to tremble,
the waves reach the skies.
Ears start to bleed,
from the deafening screams.

A vortex opens and the beast comes from within,
the fearless warrior draws his blades.
He stares into the eyes of terror,
and runs towards death.
Track Name: Slashed And Decapitated
The sorrowful land is covered in blood,
but only a part of the evil is gone.
With strenght and wrath it was decimated,
but resulted in twice the disaster.

The mighty one strikes again and again,
the honour he'll earn is a motivation to kill.
His passion for battle has affected his judgement,
and he's too blind to see the creation of new enemies.

The monster has now become too powerful,
and decapitation is no longer an option.
Scorched flesh is the only way to stop the growth,
all that remains is the destruction of the alpha.

His distinctive abilities to identify fear,
are his means of detecting the mother head.
Total salvation can only come if it ends up underground,
burned and buried in the depths of the earth.

Slashed and decapitated,
burned and buried.
The beast's reign has ended,
at the end of the legend's fiery blade.
Track Name: Catastrophical Vengeance
When a guardian of the underworld was executed,
a chance of escape was taken by the dead.
Anger took over the ruler of the dark,
when his most trusted pet sought vengeance.

Disorder of balance would be catastrophical,
if the second gate was left undefended.
The redeemer was dragged deep in the abyss,
and against his will his was forced into battle weaponless.

His fear was great when he faced his three-headed enemy,
knowing it only wanted the end of his life.
The guardian used its jaws to dismember the killer of its sibling,
and its lion-sharp claws to slice him open.

After constant failures to strike,
the monster was stunned by the turn of events.
It was trapped by the thousands of souls wanting escape,
giving the mortal man his chance to return to the surface.

The realm was loosing the purpose of its creation,
the dark lord used his never ending power to put an end to the mutiny.
He's been dishonored and disgraced in front of Olympus,
all because of the anarchy caused by a mortal.
Track Name: Eviscerate The Living
A threat flies freely above us,
waiting for an opportunity to eviscarate the living.
Sundown makes our hearts beat faster,
at the thought of being disemboweled.

Upon returning from the domain of death,
the powerful demi-god is summoned once again.
His strenght is essential for the well being of mankind,
that is threatened by the deadly predators.

Moving through the dence growth of the dark forest,
he requests assistance from a higher power.
The goddess appears to him with the proper weapon,
so he'll draw out and slay the morbid birds.

With deafening sound he manages to bring out the demons to their deaths,
and with the aim of a god he knocks them from the skies.
He approches his fallen enemies with hatred,
to rip apart their wings with his bare hands.

The skies are clear now,
our earth is no longer bloody,
the innocent feel free
when the severed heads of their hunters are tossed at their feet.
Track Name: Firebreather
The legend's name is well known amongst mortals and gods,
for his labours are beyond belief.
He's shed a lot of blood in his days,
yet another time he's on a road to glory.

Passing through the mountains he comes across the golden garden,
he's blinded by the astonising beauty of the fruits,
and he realizes that is the purpose of his quest,
but in between him and his prize there is a firebreather.

He walks cautiously through the shadows,
but moments before he meets his destiny,
it's proved that it won't be as easy as he thought.
He faces the furious eyes of fire.

The dragon rises to the skies, roaring at it's pray.
Diving and belching balls of fire.
The hero dodges and leaps onto it's back,
and with his sharp swords he slits its throat.

The dragon crashes violently on the ground,
and the mountains tremble from the fall.
The unstopable warrior, after achieving his goal,
now leaves the mountains with his prize on his back.
Track Name: The Last Onslaught
As time passes, so does his life slowly fades away,
and many afflictive battles have drained him of his power.
The lives he's saved and the lives he's taken,
have made him known across the land.

Deeply hated by all the creatures of the dark,
his death is the wish of every monstrous existence.
He's followed by an anthropomorphic being,
who's seeking to destroy the son of the ruler of Olympus.

Slayer of the multi-headed guardian,
submissive of the hellhound sentinel,
destroyer of the fowls of death,
all that you know is at an end.

Far away in a land of blood and cries,
the conqueror still expands his realm.
Unawed by the danger, he continues the onslaught,
unaware of the evil that pursues him.

Flames and blood have taken over the territory,
screams of ruined lives are heard throughout the battlefield.
Death will only cease at the prevalence of the forceful,
and at the dominion of the invaders.
Track Name: Bloodiest Of Massacres
After conquering yet another land,
he returns prideful and victorious.
Slaughtering all who got in his way,
this battle was the bloodiest of massacres.

Crossing throught the darkest places of the earth,
his eyes fall upon the evil that was lurking.
Using its speed, the horse-like creature attacks,
but an arrow quickly penetrated its body.

The horseman lays wounded in a pool of blood,
pleading for its meaningless life to be spared.
Its wish was granted by the mercyfull demi-god,
but this choice would come back to haunt him.

Craftingly, the creature whispers in his mistress' ear,
and fills her head with lies and jealousy.
It misleads her into thinking she's not worthy enough,
and she's provided with an enchanted cloak.

Now the morbid plan is in effect,
a thread of life is about to be severed,
as time moves forward death approaches.
The gates of Elysium open for the legend.
Track Name: Death Of A Demigod
The shrine is ready for the first blood to be spilled,
as it's accustomed after a great triumph.
The leader owes his graditude to the gods,
for giving him prowess and fortitude during the war.

The offering is ready to commence,
the ritual cloak is woren by the sacrificer.
The blade is sharpened and placed in his hand,
the blood flows when the lamb is butchered.

Now the immolation is complete,
and the soul of the sacrificed ascends to the skies.
Unbearable pains and burning run throught the demigods' body,
as the poisoned mantle becomes one with his flesh.

He pulls it off with all his strenght,
and his skin is ripped off violently from his flesh.
All that he wishes is the ending of his life,
so he falls in the flames to end his suffering.

Finally you are free,
rise to the heavens.
Olympus awaits you,
so take your place amongst the gods.