Total Obliteration

by Endless Affliction

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released July 10, 2017



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Endless Affliction Ioannina, Greece

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Track Name: Uprising of the Dead
Misery has taken over the darkest of realm,
Slowly dying along with the souls of men.
Subjected to the needs of the world of light,
The annihilation is imminent.

No more will the Lord of darkness be diminished
Enough with this decadent destiny.
The uprising of the dead will be his redemption,
the worst of nightmares is becoming a reality.

Cautious and flawless planning is required
Cause failure will bring eternal torment.
Nothing will be the same once the two worlds collide.
The extinction of all life is near.

The spirits will follow their master,
The minions of Thanatos shall come,
Charon sharpens his scythe,
The gates of Hades will open one final time.
Track Name: Legions of Decay
As it was deliberate the eclipse of the sun starts it all.
The darkness swallows the light until there's none left.
The blackened sky brings the frost of the dead.
The perfect atmosphere for the dark Lord to be revealed.

Legions of rotten souls prepare to ascend.
Guided by the evil spirits of the world below.
Await for the opportune momment to reach the surface.
The eclipse is near, the gates are opening.

The evil suddenly spreads throughout the land.
An unexpected panic has taken over humanity.
The news of this disaster reach the Godly mountain fast.
Everyone expects deliverance from the father of the universe.
Track Name: Ruination
Death is closing in on all of us.
The extinction of mankind is only a matter of time.
Wherever they cross no one is spared.
They're coming for us so their Lord will be pleased.

No salvation from the obscurity.
The spirits of morbidness are unstopable.
Torturing people and laughing hysterically.
No one will survive this massacre.

Desperate people are crying to the Gods.
Offering sacrifises of blood and pain.
The Pantheon hears the suffering of the innocent.
And descent from the heavens prepared for war.
Track Name: Ultimate Decimation
The two brothers have always been prepared
To face any form of evil that appears
Descending from Olympus, ascending from Atlantis
The threat must be eradicated as quickly as it was formed

The world of light against the world of darkness
The victor will cease control of this planet
The one who proves inferior will be utterly destroyed
The realms of oblivion will draw in the weakest one

The creator summons the enemy for an audience
But the dark Lord is unwilling to withdraw his forces
This ultimate war between Gods is inevitable
The decimation is about to commence
Track Name: Beasts of Darkness
Slaughtered bodies as far as the eye can see
Darkness has consumed their petty souls
Even the sky is pouring rain of blood
to match the raw brutality

Not even the Gods can believe what is happening
The world they created is decaying before their eyes
The weakest of dieties are the first one to perish
as they are the first in the line of sacrifice

Beasts of darkness tear the dieties apart
Limb from limb, entrails consumed
What remains is cast in the fires
The air bears the stench of scorched flesh
Track Name: Demonic Shrieks
Chaos has ruled this pitiful land
Souls of the dead wander aimlessly
Doomed forever, unable to find peace
Cursed to a tyrannic destiny

Extermination of the human race is near
The age of darkness will follow
All await the incarnation of the higher Dieties
to interfere and save the vermin known as man

The light is being born again
from within the utter darkness
to purge the dark forces forever
and restore the dying humanity

Instead they fall from the countless hoards
one after another they're all extinguished
Impotent to resist to the amorphous powers
Demonic shrieks spread with the wind
Track Name: Gods Annihilated
All the divine forces are falling
The fate of the world is uncertain

The god-like entities get annihilated
by the maleficence personificated
their relentless powers are infinite
and shatter all resistance

The father of the universe is deceased
and the Pantheon lays in waste
Millions of corpses repose on the ground
drenching the earth's core with blood
Track Name: Boundless Deterioration
The recondite plan has been accomplished
and the dominion of obscurity has begun
The monstrosities are now satisfied
with the outcome of this massacre

The lord of the damned sits and watches
as the world deteriorates before him
All that was created by his privileged brothers
no longer exists in this land of chaos

The ground opens and swallows the surface
along with all remaining life
The destruction reaches the core
and the flames scorch the earth forever

A massive black hole devours the universe
in a violent way no one has ever seen
Everything is ruined in incomprehensible speed
Nothingness reigns like the time before the creation