Chain Of Balance

by Endless Affliction

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Tamas Chain of Balance manages to accomplish technicality without sacrificing brutality. Perhaps the recording is a bit too polished, for example the obviously pre-programmed drums. But Endless Affliction's first album remains their best IMO. Favorite track: Lord Of The Underworld.
eric tindall
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eric tindall Its actually hard to pic a favorite. This album CRUSHES from start to finish. Don't be a fool, stay out of school and buy this album! Favorite track: Lord Of The Underworld.
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released July 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Endless Affliction Ioannina, Greece

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Track Name: Scylla
In the vast realm of Poseidon,
A grotesque beast terrorizes the seas.
Ships are swallowed by the ocean forever.
All tremble before the Scylla.

A spiteful goddess with six necks
and at the end of each neck protrudes a rabid hound.
Hundreds of sharp teeth will tear your flesh apart.
You will be devoured before you realise.

She craves for human blood.
She knows you are near.
She feels the blood flowing in your veins.
If you cross her path you're doomed.

The swirls will suck in all that come near them
and take them deep at the bottom of the sea
where nobody will hear the cries of pain
when the Scylla traces her next victim.
Track Name: Threads Of Life
The destiny of all hangs from the threads, created by the fates.
Even the Gods and Titans must submit to the three sisters.
They create and end all life on the planet.
The futute of mankind is left for them to decide.

A life is created when Clotho weaves her threads
and that's the beggining of a new existance.
She decides who will be born and where.
Everyone respects the mother of us all.

From the moment you are born, Lachesis decides for your life.
She determines whether you'll be powerful or enslaved.
Your life evolves just as she decides, for the present belongs to her.
Appreciate what you have cause you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Your life ends when your thread is severed.
Atropos desides the way and the day you will die.
Death makes everyone tremble in fear.
Live each day as if it were your last.

Past,present and future depends on the sisters.
You can die as easily as you were born.
It's their decision, there's nothing you can do.
The dieties are above us all.
Track Name: Lord Of The Underworld
An anthropomorphic power ruled the residence of the dead.
Awe and fear possessed every soul that goes to the underworld.
Pluto was the terrifying form that no one rushed to meet.
He was cruel and omniponent in battle and established the dominion of Zeus.

Because of his dark
and morbid personality.
He was hated by all
the gods and humans.

If you just die you belong to him.
You can not escape from his control.
Be careful not to defy him,
because his anger will fall up on you.

With his weapon he shattered everything that was in his way,
as his power was unsurpassed.
A helmet that was given to him by Cyclops,
made him invisible whenever he wore it.

Four black horses pulled the chariot of the dark
and was always impressive and frightening in view.
in Evelina throne sat Cerberus,
to keep the dead in Hades' Kingdom.
Track Name: Obscure Creation
An obscure plan created by hatred
cause eternal misfortune to the mortals.
A maiden of clay was brought into the world
to cause destruction and pain.

The king of the Gods creation was complete,
it contains all the evils of the world.
It was given to the virgin on purpose,
then curiosity took control.

Will mankind survive this tragedy?
Now that the box has been opened.
Dark forces possess the mortals
but at the end there's always hope.

A fateful nightchanged the world forever,
nothing will be as it used to be.

It's you that causes fear to Gods
cursed to hide your inner pain.
Reincarnate the spirit of plague bringer.
Obscure creation!

Pandora cried black tears
when she realised what was happening.
She condemned the world
and brought pain upon the earth.
Track Name: Dock Of Charon
Deep in earths abyss, your journey begins.
A oneway trip down to the underworld.
A place where fear and darkness rule.
Where the arms of Hades tear your soul apart.

Millions of souls in line waiting to reach the gates of Hades.
And the reaper sharpens his scythe to slaughter those who resist.
When the bell rings, screams and cries inside your head.
Fear consuming you when the ferry appears.

All hope is lost, is this the final judgement?
You're at the point of no return, death is not an option.
It all ends up here... The Dock of Charon!!!

Will you be saved or will you burn?
The cursed call you from the River Styx.
There is no time, you're next in line.
The afterlife awaits you so hold on tight.
Track Name: Chain Of Balance
Thousands of slaves sent by the gods,
forced to work without a moments pause.
Everything will be in order once the task is complete
and will bring balance between the two worlds.

A giant chain that connects our world with that of the dead.
Crossing through the earths darkest places.
The chain must be preserved, for if it brakes
chaos will take over and everything will be destroyed.

Our future relies on the chain.
Thoughts of chaos frighten even the gods.
The harmony of the earth can easily be disturbed
and the spirits of the dead shall roam free for all eternity.

The oceans will swallow the land,
unstoppable thunders and rain will control the skies.
Fierce tornados will destroy everything in their path.
Even olympus will cramble and disease will infect what remains.
Track Name: Death Never Dies
Falling down, surrounded by shadows.
No sign of light, fear controlling my mind.
Souls of the damned call my name,
no escape from this wretched place.

I walk alove hearing screams of tortured souls,
blood and fire everywhere, I'm losing my senses.
I must escape, leave this prison and be free,
eternal torture awaits me If I fail.

Can this really be the afterlife?
I regret the way I lived.
There is nothing I can do.
My fate is sealed.

I found myself chained amongst other wicked souls.
I cannot withstand anymore torture.
I beg the judges for one more chance,
but If I fail my soul will be lost forever.